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   Anzac Day Tours 2016  

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We run 12 different Anzac Day Tours and all tours include all entrance fees, and many meals, No camping, tents or cheap hostels like other Anzac operators! 3 & 4 star Hotel. No extra hidden costs. The difference with our tours is that we do not camp, we stay at 4 star hotels, which includes a rest day on 24th at a 4 star thermal resort and holiday village south of Canakkale as we prepare for the evening journey back to ANZAC COVE to get a good viewing spot for the dawn service. We also tour the Battlefields on 5, 6, 8, 16 Days on 23rd or 26th as opposed to the 24th, the reason being that it is a lot less crowded and we are ensured all sites and memorials will be open and accessible by our tour groups on this day. Our 2, 4, 6 Day Kusadasi and 9 Day Anzac Tours have visit

+ All Entrance Fees Included in the price
+ No Local Payment
+ Only 3 & 4 Star Hotels used
+ Limited Group Numbers & Personal Service
+ 10 Years Experience in Anzac Day Tours

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a) 2-3 people = 5% discount
4 people = 7% discount


a) 2-3 people = 7% discount
b) 4 people = 10% discount
c) 5-more people = 12% discount
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These discounts are off the tour prices and not additional activities such as Early Acc, Gala Dinner, etc...


Anzac Tours Turkey

We are a Turkish based travel company who has many years experience in organizing Anzac Day Tours in the Gallipoli Region. In the last five years we have become positioned as one of the leading Anzac Day Tour Operators offering a range of quality Anzac Day Tours at reasonable prices. All our Anzac Day Tours stay in 3 & 4 star accommodation unlike many others which stay in hostels or budget pensions. The price of the Anzac Day Tours includes many meals and entrance fees to the various attractions you visit so there are no unexpected surprises or costs. Our staff include people from Turkey, Australia and New Zealand and we only employ professional English speaking guides who have an excellent knowledge of the Gallipoli campaign history.

Information video on safety and security for the Gallipoli Commemorative Site
the Department of Veterans' Affairs (Australia) and Veterans' Affairs New Zealand)

Anzac Day Tours Turkey

When booking an Anzac tour it is important to ensure that your tour operator is a member of TURSAB which is the Turkish regulatory body of tourist activities.  It is illegal for non-members to operate tours in Turkey without a TURSAB license and membership number.  We are a member of TURSAB (License No:1714).

Notice: Before you book with any agency, it is most important that you check all the details of the services offered. Low budget offers usually don't cover many services, such as: entrance fees, standard of the coaches, accommodation in Gallipoli, professional lecture about Gallipoli, private security, doctor, professional guide (not an escort or offsider), references of the agency and background.

Australian Govt. Announcement access Gallipoli ANZAC Day 2016 The Australian Dept of Veteran Affairs is making special arrangements for those with special needs in an effort to assist aged and inform visitors. Read more about this at: Please Click Here

Also note from their website : "Travel by passenger car to these services is not allowed and on completion of the Dawn Service, official coaches will depart before public coach departures to meet Turkish protocol  requirements." 

Anzac Day Gallipoli Tours
A brief warning from the Australian Embassy web site: "Accommodation in the Gallipoli area, particularly for the night of 24 April, is very heavily booked well in advance of ANZAC Day. Intending travellers will need to make bookings as early as possible to secure accommodation.

We are anzac day tour operator Istanbul and anzac day tour operator turkey. we organise 2 day anzac tours, 4 day anzac day tour, 5 day anzac tours, 6 day anzac tours, 8 day anzac day tours, 9 day anzac day tour, 16 day anzac day tours anzac day gallipoli 2016.  We are based tour operator gallipoli turkey and we offer cheap tours and budget tours for Anzacs. Most of our Anzac Tours arrive in Gallipoli Anzac Cove 24th April and we do Gallipoli tour, visit cemeteries, Gallipoli Peninsula before dawn service. We visit Chunuk Bair, Lone Pine and then get a good spot in Anzac Covefor ANZAC dawn service. We are experience of anzac commemoration gallipoli, anzac war memorial, anzac history, anzac day gallipoli, anzac memorial, anzac history, time of dawn service, Anzac Accommodation, Istanbul, Anzac Commemorations, anzac day tour turkey, anzac day gallipoli turkey 2016, anzac day turkey, anzac day turkey 2016, anzac day gallipoli turkey, anzac day gallipoli. Book with us and feel the difference with our agent.  We have been running these tours for many years now and started our first tour in 2002 when the company owner Salman Kurt (known to many as Sammy) led the first group to Gallipoli.  Salman also ran the popular hostel in Kusadasi known as Hotel Sammy's Palace.

We are offering 12 different Anzac Day Tours in 2016 and all our anzac tours include entrance fees and Anzac Day Tour many meals. We don't use camping, tents or cheap hostels like other Anzac day tour operators! 3-4 star Hotel. No extra hidden costs. Most of our Anzac Tours 2016 have a rest day on 24/04 at a 4 star thermal Anzac Day Tour Turkey resort south of Canakkale as we prepare for the evening Gallipoli Anzac Day Tours journey back to ANZAC COVE for the Anzac Day Commemorations and Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli Dawn Service at Gallipoli turkey to get a good viewing spot for the dawn service. Most of our anzac tours have guided tour to the Battlefields on 23/04 & 26/04 as opposed to 24/04, like many other anzac day tours in turkey because it is a lot less crowded and we can ensure all sites and memorials will be open and accessible by our tour groups on this day.
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